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Sandal-ready for Spring

Refined Beauty with Raegan Many of us are still trying to discern when Mother Nature will get the memo that Spring is actually here. Even though our feet may still be imprisoned in sneakers and boots, spring usually arrives suddenly without much notification.  Make sure you’re prepared in advance to adorn your feet with strappy […]

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Beauty On the Go!

Getting ready for a night out has become somewhat of a pre-gaming ritual.  Picking the right outfit, perfectly styling tresses, and applying the right kind of makeup can require a lot of time and effort.  In fact, it requires so much effort, it can often times overshadow the actual event you’re preparing for.  A new […]

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The Case of the Coifed Chignon

If you’re looking for a quick way to tackle unruly tresses in between salon visits, try creating a classic and simple look by giving the standard hair bun a well-deserved makeover.  Versatile bun styles are this spring’s hair trend, and they have frequently been spotted on designer runways and in stylish magazines. Whether you’re in […]

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Digital Beauty

Refined Beauty with Raegan The digital age has graced us with several advantages and conveniences, which we are often unable to live without. The immediate access technology provides has also allowed for some unexpected predicaments – one of which is a drastic change in society’s beauty perception. The constant bombardment of beauty images on television […]

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Wonders of the Wand

  Refined Beauty with Raegan This year’s “polar vortex” has dumped several feet of snow on our cars, homes, and our plans.  But the winter season is still full of fabulous events to attend, all while remaining stylish and stunning.  One way to add glamor to your look is by adding curl and volume to […]

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Refined beauty: Ready in Red

Refined Beauty by Raegan Capturing the perfect red pout should be such a simple task. But as a woman with brown skin and full lips, I found myself often shying away from sporting a crimson lip.  Personally, I felt red lips were uncomplimentary for my skin tone and full features. However, the number one rule […]

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2017 Winter Edition!

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