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Ladies and gentlemen, and residents of this great state of Michigan, it’s that time of year again. Affectionately known to us natives as “Sprinter”; that seasonal purgatory between winter and spring that brings to surface one of our most beloved nemesis: the Michigan Pothole.

Unlike potholes from other states (do other states even have potholes?), the Michigan Pothole is of a different breed, a different species, if you will. The Michigan Pothole hides cunningly on the exit ramp, waiting for you to hit the curve before it opens its fury on your precious tires. And can we all just admit that the pothole filler, aka “black oatmeal” does nothing but ruin the paint job on our cars? Even as the road crew scoops and pats the concoction down, they hang their heads in shame as you slowly drive past, knowing in their heart of hearts that the fix is in and it’s only temporary.  Same time next year, Michigan Pothole.

Last week while driving on a 25-minute commute that ended up taking an hour and 20 minutes due to potholes, construction, etc., I scrolled through my podcasts to find something to listen to that would take my mind off of what can be described as a vehicular midday lockdown. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

Slow Burn : Slate Magazine, If you enjoy political scandal (like I do), check out this podcast that details the story of Watergate. It’s an easy listen, with details on the story you probably haven’t heard before. 

Mostly Lit: These 20-somethings discuss the latest in books and culture.

The Moth Live: storytelling. DIY Musician Tips for musicians and artists from industry insiders.

Late Night With Seth Meyers: An audio edition of the talk-show hosts’ weeknight segments.

Fresh Air NPR: A weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues hosted by Terry Gross.

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