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BOOK RELEASE • Lessons in the Light: 21 Days of Healing |

Haute is… Magazine’s Beauty Editor Lisa Beard has a testimony she is ready to share with the world.  In her new book Lessons in the Light: 21 Days of Healing, Beard reveals the transformative power of forgiveness and how it helped her evolve into the woman she proudly represents today.

Saturday provided the perfect backdrop for Beard at her very first book signing; a crisp and luminous morning surrounded by her best supporters in her Father’s house, literally and figuratively.  Warmly introduced by Shamika Shaw and our own LaVonne Trent, the two graciously agreed on the sweetness of spirit emanating from Beard, that can sincerely be attributed to her personal relationship with God.  A bond that she realized through hindsight, guided her through one of the darkest moments in her life, even when she had lost all hope.


After a 10-month period in an abusive marriage, Beard described her journey through a gamut of emotions, struggle and pain, imparting how she learned to return to and lean on her faith once again, after admitting she actually believed God had forsaken her.  Sharing lessons learned and offering anecdotes through scripture, Lessons in the Light seemingly runs parallel to the belief held by some that it takes 21 days to break a habit.


Viewed from this perspective, Beard’s introductory booklet may perhaps administer a remedy for anyone struggling through their own personal dark night of the soul. Lessons in the Light is truly a must-read, and will hopefully inspire a deeper dive for the inspiring author to pen a sequel to this amazing affirmation of struggle, oppression and finally, redemption.  Click the link to order your copy now!


Images: Robere Lett

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