Valentine’s Day Tips To Make That Special Date Night The Best It Can Be!

Valentine’s Day Tips To Make That Special Date Night The Best It Can Be!

By Chyia Hunter – Haute is Lifestyle Contributor

Will You Be My Valentine??

Greetings to all! Love is in the air, as Valentine’s Day makes its arrival in a few short days from now. Are you ready? Remember when you were in grade school and the excitement around Valentine’s Day. Getting that special card from your crush was the highlight of the day. Not to mention receiving a bag of those monogrammed heart shaped candies from your secret admirer. Oh, those were the days, when Valentine’s Day was a special day whether you were somebody’s girlfriend or not, you still received a special something.

Now let’s fast forward to adulthood. Being single and without a date on Valentine’s Day, for some, is a hard pill to swallow, and for other singles, it’s just another day on the calendar. Being dateless on a lover’s holiday is absolutely not the end of the world. If your relationship status is checked as single this year, celebrate anyway! Celebrate the love you have for yourself. Ladies, treat yourself to that late night manicure/ pedicure or throw on that dress you bought months ago but never wore and take yourself out to dinner or to that musical you’ve wanted to see. Want to stay home? Order your favorite take-out and binge watch your favorite TV series. Better yet, have a girl’s night! Who says you can’t wine, dine and celebrate with your best girlfriends on Valentine’s Day? Make a group dinner reservation at a restaurant or stay in and potluck your favorite dishes.

For the lovers out there who are planning to indulge in every second of this Valentine’s Day holiday, here are a few Do’s and Don’ts on how to have a great Valentine’s Day celebration.


DO plan the events of the evening out; or at least have a rough draft. Most women do not enjoy the fine art of ‘winging it’ as much as men do.

DON’T spend beyond your means.  Although the phrase Y.O.L.O sounds great, you will be alive tomorrow and those household bills will be needing your attention very soon.

DO make the night memorable for her.  Being attentive does not go unnoticed.


DO go with the flow.  He may not have planned everything you wanted to do, however appreciate the honest effort and enjoy the moment.

DON’T be on your cell phone during the date.  Resist the urge to check your social media all night.  Either you want to be on the date or you don’t!

DO get dolled up and make yourself absolutely gorgeous! Dressing up is fun, so don’t short change yourself one bit.  It’s your night!

Be safe, have fun, and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to all!

Chyia, xoxo



Chyia Hunter is an emerging author with a passion for authenticity in life and love as she fulfills her purpose to help individuals achieve successful relationships with their desired mate.
With the release of her first book, How To Date A Dime, Hunter realizes as a single professional woman with first-hand experience in the dating scene the need to impart her expertise to single men and women needing essential no-nonsense lifestyle and relationship coaching.  Chyia is a contributing columnist for Haute is, a digital lifestyle magazine, offering real practical advice to readers, as well as family, peers and the global community.  Hunter brings a fresh approach to the art of relationship building, armed with intuitive wit, proven lifestyle tools and the ability to guide individuals into the reality of what it takes to find that perfect mate confidently and effectively.  Chyia is an eCommerce Analyst a Fortune 500 company and a graduate of Western Michigan University.


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