Night Out in Detroit!

Night Out in Detroit!

By Eden Lichterman | Contributing Fashion Blogger

Though I grew up in a Detroit suburb, I now live in Evanston, IL. Often when I meet new people and tell them that I am from Detroit, the immediate response includes a confused face and a hesitant, “That’s nice.” In many people’s minds, Detroit is a rundown city, a place that lacks culture and visual appeal. Little do they know, Detroit is the great comeback city, filled with trendy restaurants, upscale shopping, and a constant bustle of people. Last week, I spent the evening in Detroit, eating at trendy restaurants and exploring downtown. Here are some of the highlights and recommendations from a night out in the city.

The first stop of the evening was dinner. My friend and I had been dying to try Maru, a chic sushi restaurant located in the old Federal Reserve Building on Fort Street. Between the excellent service and delicious food, this restaurant certainly did not disappoint. As a less adventurous eater, I went for the classic spicy salmon roll and Philly roll. My friend, however, tried some of the signature rolls, including the beach party roll (tuna, avocado, radish, cucumber and a crab salad) and the blue mango roll (spicy tuna, avocado, kampyo and mango, topped with shrimp and a variety of sauces). Whether you prefer to stick to classic sushi rolls, delve into the signature rolls, or aren’t a sushi fan at all, there is something for you at Maru.

Following dinner, we made our way to the Detroit Water Ice Factory. As a healthy alternative to ice cream, water ice is dairy, fat, and cholesterol free. It comes in both fruity flavors and typical ice cream flavors— all delicious options! The best part about the company is that all the proceeds go toward helping Detroit citizens in need. Pictured below are the chocolate peanut butter and mint chocolate chip flavors.

With full bellies, my friend and I walked to Campus Martius. While I have visited this park in the winter to go ice skating, I had never seen it in the summertime. Complete with restaurants, a concert venue, and even a mock beach, Campus Martius is the place to be. Next time I spend time in Detroit, I want to try one of the restaurants in Campus Martius, such as PARC.

While I could only catch a glimpse of the city, I recommend these sites. I can’t wait to continue exploring!


All images by Eden Lichterman.


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