“Road To Perfection”

“Road To Perfection”

By Marvin Thompson Jr. | Haute is Lifestyle Contributing Columnist


 Marvin L. Thompson Jr. | Musician, Writer, Producer

I attended a music conference this past fall, and one of the presenters made a statement that challenged the audience. She said instead of worrying about being perfect, focus on “perfecting as you go”. In other words, learn during the process, and continue to make music. Each time you create, you’re inching closer to perfection.

A lot of fellow musicians that I know (myself included), sometimes travel down this proverbial “road to perfection”. Always searching for that one magic piece of equipment that will make our music sound golden, that one guitar riff, that one lyric that will take us from obscurity to stardom at warp speed. Truth is, the road to perfection is likened to the Wizard of Oz while it looks good on the surface, it’s simply a dream behind a curtain that can never be fulfilled.

This holds true not only in our professional lives but our personal lives as well. We cannot bind ourselves to such lofty expectations because waiting on perfection will result in the book that’s never written, the race you never run, and the lives you never touch because you tell yourself you aren’t ready. I ran into the parent of my son’s classmate from elementary school at Starbucks. We talked about the good old days, when our boys were in Boy Scouts, back when they thought we had all of the answers to all of their questions. We talked about what we would do differently if we had a do-over. But being a parent is not about being perfect, it’s about doing the best you can with what you have. It’s about perfecting as you go.

Remember life is a process. The things you don’t know, you learn and work at them. With each new project or challenge, you hopefully gather more knowledge than you had before. While there may not be a finish line on the road to perfection, we certainly can find our way, one step at a time.

Marvin Thompson Jr.

Road to Perfection


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Marvin Thompson Jr.


Keyboardist, songwriter and producer Marvin Thompson Jr. has been creating music for many years.  Growing up in Detroit, Michigan he got his start playing piano for his church choir.  Writing music for numerous musicals and short films, Marvin has also released several instrumental projects, including his release, In Focus on the December Sky music label, which features jazz-infused instrumental music.  He has served as Musical Director for several stage plays, including Torn Between Two Loves, and the Plowshares Theatre production of Soulfest and Spunk.  He wrote and scored the music for the independent film, Guilty Innocence for the Swift Winds Media production company.  He’s the writer and producer of the hit stage musical, City Square which premiered in Detroit MI.  Marvin is the recipient of the Billboard Songwriting Award and the John Lennon Songwriting Award.  
What’s next?  Not quite sure, but great music will certainly be at the center.  


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