“Models Skin Secret for Clear Skin: Custom Rx Skincare by DERMACARE™”

“Models Skin Secret for Clear Skin: Custom Rx Skincare by DERMACARE™”

Dermacare founder Dr. Alex Jovanovich MD.

By Robere Lett | Publisher

As we all know everything is now being managed via the internet, more and more online applications are guiding the way we think, work and play! And so is the coming trend within the medical community.  I had the chance to meet and speak with Dr. Alex Jovanovich a board certified MD specializing in dermatology.  Not only is Dr. Alex handsome and personable but is also revolutionizing the way we care for our skin.  As founder of a new skin care regime Dermacare, it is fast becoming the next wave in treating acne and other skin ailments but with a twist.  Using the selfie (the act of taking one’s own image that is all the rage) you can upload your photo to www.dermacare.com answer a few detailed questions regarding your skin type and any problems you have with your skin and the team from Dermacare will create a formula specifically for you and your skin type.  Finding trial subjects to test market the product was relatively easy as models from the famed Chicago modeling agency FACTOR|CHOSEN came on board  and began using the custom Rx Skincare by DERMACARE™ with astounding results.

I took the opportunity to ask Dr. Alex some specific questions about the companies inception, the process, it’s success rate and what this means to the medical community at large.

Q. How did Dermacare get it start?

A. The concept initially came while I was a resident at the University of Chicago and during that time I kept noticing an expressed need for acne treatments especially with female patience’s who were there for follow-up care with a specific doctor but would be requesting treatment for skin issues outside of their primary physician.  Many were finding that the medicine prescribed was very expensive and not affordable even with insurance.  My best friend and now business partner Stephen Sullivan had the domain name for dermacare and after researching the topical medicines used to treat skin disorders specifically acne we found that it could be compounded inexpensively and so we began creating the Telemedicine skin care site.  Discovering that we were not the first company with the concept I checked out what the other company was doing and subscribed to their process and even though I had no acne at the time I was still sent the product.  That’s when I learned how basic it was and that they were treating their members from a spa mentality and from a preventive mindset and that I needed to think less like a clinical doctor and more like a skin care line.  From that experience, I learned what we needed to do to differentiate our company.

Q. What’s the process?

A. It’s as simple as taking a photo, uploading it to the website and answering a questionnaire. Answering the questionnaire is tantamount to successful results as we understand that people tend to filter images, our process is very basic, plus once we formulate a skin care regime we can continually tweak it up to .1% and lower.

Q. How successful has Dermacare been with results?

A. We started live in June of 2016 but had done about two years of research prior to.  Since my wife Bridget heads a division of a major modeling agency we started with some of her models, it was especially fitting since models need great skin, there we found amazing success as models started coming forth with unsolicited testimonials.  I was excited to see the results.  As it stands most over the counter topical treatments show about a 50% success rate, prescription grade treatments such as ours shows about a 70 to 90% success rate and simply doing nothing shows about a 30% success rate.  There was really no studies being done since ache and other skin issues tend to be circular depending on the person.  We are now starting to collect data from patient engagements.  I was shocked to see only a 5% fall off of customers with about 95% staying with the program even after their skin issues cleared up .


Q. Do you see the medical community taking the Telemedicine process to a larger audience?

A. Absolutely – Telemedicine is the future of medical care, especially because of the rising costs of health care and the ability to educate patients via the internet thus saving the expense of hospital visits and also lending to more preventative medical care. The industry is ripe for change.

Q. What’s next for Dermacare?

A. Well we have the first ever prescription moisturizer, we are also addressing the diversity in skin care since everyone’s skin is different, previously most testing was done on female Caucasians between 18-45 but we are including all skin types, ethnicities and ages in our treatments plus the inclusion of men to the demographic since most men wouldn’t be caught dead in a dermatologist’s office.  We are now seeing more men visiting the site and taking care of their skin…

“if you have skin you can use our product”  


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