Chidoriya Japanese Organic Skincare – Inspired by Geshia and Maiko’s skin care rituals

Chidoriya Japanese Organic Skincare – Inspired by Geshia and Maiko’s skin care rituals

By Robere Lett | Publisher

After having met Mariko Sato at a few beauty events recently I found out that she is the US Representative/Brand Ambassador for the iconic Chidoriya Japanese organic skin care brand (  At Mariko’s invitation I attend a brand demonstration at the beautifully understated shop Nora where I learned of the brand’s incredible product lines; from skin & body products to hair care and essential oils, cosmetics and even lingerie all with “Absolutely No Sulfates, Harsh Cleansing Agents or Any Other Unhealthy Chemical Ingredients”.  During the demonstration, I was introduced to a few select products and must admit I was enamored with the eye serum and hinoki lip balm, both of which I now use every day.  The well thought out brand takes great pains to make sure that every product is 100% organically produced using Japanese traditional ingredients.

A few of the over 100 products Chidoriya produces.

Mariko explains a product to patron Jane Larson.

Brightening Eye Serum.

Hinoki & Yuzu Lip Balms.

Specialty soaps.

Clarifying Azuki & Brown sugar soap.

Watch as Mariko demonstrates the Japanese way to cleanse your face.

Hand carved Tsuge boxwood comb.

Beautifully packaged hand painted silk lingerie & accessories pouch.

Cotton & lace under shirt.

The Chidoriya product line can be found worldwide, exported to the United States, London, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong. The 100% organic cotton lingerie line is made in Japan, with some organic cotton fabrics imported from Texas.  To check out these and many more amazing products you can find them locally at:


4240 Cass Ave
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 831-4845


Mills  Apothecary + Pharmacy (Two locations)


4215 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 438-5300


4215 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201
W Maple Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009   (248) 644-5060

If you stop be one of these great locations be sure to say that Haute is sent you!


Event images: Robere Lett

Cover and Yuki Lip Balm images by: Alfredo Catedral

Images & video courtesy of:

About Chidoriya:
Chidoriya was established by Mr. Osamu Horikiri in Kyoto, Japan in 1949.
In its first years, he focused on making original beauty goods and handbags for Maiko (apprentice Geisha) and Geisha. Geisha and Maiko “girls” of that generation were fashion and beauty trend setters in Kyoto.
Ms.Tomomi Horikiri (Osamu’s second daughter) was a make-up artist in both New York & Japan for more than 25 years working with major musicians, models, and actresses. She has met many people who were having skin problems such as acne, eczema etc… that encouraged her to do extensive research about the cosmetics and skincare products which she has been using at the time. The results, she discovered that many allergic/skin reactions are caused by the chemical /synthetic ingredients that are contained in them.
One day, she received a gift from her friend….an herbal water that is made by her grandmother. The idea came to her… ” I can make skin care products that are 100% natural and organic using Japanese traditional ingredients with a twist.” She continued her research based on the philosophy that cosmetic ingredients should be almost the same as what we eat!
The Internet was established by Tomomi in New York in 1999 with her wish to introduce the excellent beauty goods of Japan.
The first product launched was: pure camellia oil based “Azuki red been & brown sugar soap”. Since then we have produced products using the traditional ingredients such as Yuzu, Green tea, Azuki, Rice bran and Gettou (Alpinia speciosa) etc.
Today, we carry over 100 items including Tsuge boxwood combs, brushes, cosmetics pouches and hair accessories and export to London, Singapore, Sydney and Hong Kong.
Please let us know if you have any questions or if there is anything we can do to serve you better.


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