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By Robere Lett, Publisher

By now, I think most people on the planet are aware of the tragic and senseless narrative that is currently encapsulating Flint, Michigan. A city already under siege from poverty, crime and despair – and now with the poisoning of an entire infrastructure only adds injury to insult. But with a name like Destiny, it must be fate that a dynamic, beautiful and gifted young woman set out to enact and effect change.

Destiny Gin has been dancing up a storm since she was a toddler, trained in all manners of dance from ballet to hip-hop. Now at the ripe young age of eighteen and a senior in high school, this talented dancer, actress and model is poised and ready to help find a cure to aid in Flint’s resurgence.


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I first signed Destiny to The Affiliated Group’s model roster when she was sixteen – and I knew then she had something special. Working diligently at her craft, Destiny is now a Detroit Piston dancer; and it was from that platform she was able to sit down with the powers-that-be to formulate and draft her plan.


Destiny Gin Pistions Media 3

Destiny Gin Pistions Media 2

Alongside Producer/Director, Kenny Jiminez and Videographer/Editor/Producer, Dustyn Blindert, this amazing team designed and executed a brilliant video to bring further awareness to the problems Flint is and will be facing for years to come. I asked Destiny the all-important questions such as why she decided to get involved and how she began her quest to impact a positive change:

Kenny J

Kenny Jiminez


 Dustyn Blindert



Destiny Gin model

Haute is: Why Flint?

“For me, it started with how I personally felt about this crisis. First of all, I’m very fortunate to have the luxury of turning on my faucet to wash my hands, brush my teeth, wash my face, and drink uncontaminated water. I imagined it must be very inconvenient for the people of Flint having to use bottled water for drinking and baby wipes to clean themselves. I thought it must be hugely stressful for all of the families. If one person in the family is a victim, the whole family is then affected. It’s so disheartening to know this lead problem is mostly injuring the children. They are innocent and should not have to worry about any of this; they should be enjoying their childhood. Lead contamination is not short-term. The damage is irreversible and will be a permanent problem that will affect them the rest of their lives – for generations. Many of these children now have ADHD, as well as behavioral issues”.


Haute is: Why the video?

“I love being able to see how videos start from nothing and end up looking amazing. It’s so much fun to see the final project knowing the effort that was contributed. Even if you don’t speak the same language, you can still connect deeply with others through this context; the message can still come across and be quite powerful. As a dancer and actor, I love being able to bridge with so many different people through music videos. So many unforgettable moments are created during this process”.


Haute is: How did this all begin?

“The project evolved from a simple table meeting with part of my team. I presented my concept to those at the table and they were committed 100%. We then added others to the team, utilizing their talents. We started with storyboards, music; and then added the choreography. Since the subject matter of the crisis is very sensitive, it stirs many emotions in people. I decided to use strong, powerful, hard-hitting dance moves for my solo to show the frustration regarding the struggle Flint residents are facing. I was so thrilled when I was asked to teach a dance clinic to my peers from Flint, and as you can see in the video, the Flint students were amazing! I had such a great time and I know they did too. I feel we need to look in the mirror and realize that everyone wants the water crisis fixed, but it takes each of us helping until it is. We need to have compassion for others; this is just a few miles from my home and so many people are suffering. I am grateful to have finished my 4th season dancing for the NBA. I’m thankful to have trained in acting and dance both in Detroit and in Los Angeles. My aspirations in life are to pursue my dreams while encouraging and impacting people in a positive way along my journey”.  Check out the video below!


Through Destiny’s committed act of kindness and compassion you can now donate to help the people of Flint.

Images courtesy of Destiny Gin

Edited by: Olivia Ewing


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