“If I live to be 100” The Wisdom of Centenarians; The incredible new pictorial book from photographer Paul Mobley.

“If I live to be 100” The Wisdom of Centenarians; The incredible new pictorial book from photographer Paul Mobley.

By Robere Lett – Publisher


Paul Mobley

Born and raised in the Detroit area Paul Mobley and I have been friends and business associates for close to two decades. As a wardrobe stylist, I looked up to Paul for his commanding photographic style and his ability to work with top tier models and fashion clients both locally and internationally. It was a pivotal time in my career to work with someone of Paul’s caliber, where I had the stellar opportunity to learn and grow within my craft. Fast forward July 2016 – Paul now a major photographer for the celebrity set, residing between homes on both the East & West Coasts. It was while on a trip back to the Detroit area that Paul and I reconnected to catch up… and this is where I learned of his latest amazing project – a tome aptly titled “If I live to Be 100” The Wisdom of Centenarians.

This AMAZING publication is the culmination of his and wife Suzanne’s three-year journey crisscrossing the country capturing some of the most exquisite portraits I have ever witnessed. Paul’s imagery tells a definitive story of the lives of those having lived a full century and more… his intricate photos are a true testament to his talent as an artist and visual storyteller. Every line, wrinkle, and blemish are celebrated as a badge of honor and courage for something that we all secretly dread – that of getting older. Age as in wisdom is a culmination of time, lessons learned and simply shouldering on through life. Through photos, poems and interviews we are drawn into the world some of us will never know and if we do – we hope that we are as agile and full of life as the subjects Paul has chosen to capture. With text by Allison Milionis, Foreword by Norman Lear this book is a must have for your reading and visual pleasure. To order a copy see the information below and be sure to say that Haute is… sent you!


Hometown centenarian Jeralean Talley of Inkster Michigan was born in 1899. At 116 Jeralean was the oldest living person in the world at her passing in 2015. You can read her poignant story that spanned parts of three centuries along with 74 other incredible Centenarians.


Louisville, KENTUCKY
December 8, 1912


Vero Beach, FLORIDA December 9, 1903


Slidell, LOUISIANA April 10, 1915


 Greenbrier, ARKANSAS / Maumelle, ARKANSAS December 13, 1914 /August 19, 1912
Monkton, VERMONT November 27, 1914
To order your copy:
IF I LIVE TO BE 100: THE WISDOM OF CENTENARIANS Portraits by Paul Mobley, Text by Allison Milionis, Foreword by Norman Lear Welcome Books / an imprint of Rizzoli New York Publication Date: September 2016 ISBN: 978-1-59962-135-7 PRICE: $50.00 US / CAN • £32.50 Hardcover / 216 pages / 85 color and black and-white photographs / 9″ x 11″www.rizzoliusa.com    Paul Mobley is available for interviews. Serial rights are available, please contact Jessica Napp @ 212 387 3436 or jnapp@rizzoliusa.com to secure.
Also available from Paul Mobley:
AMERICAN FARMER: May 2008 | $50.00 | 978-1-59962-129-62009 IPPY Silver, Coffee Table Book 2009 Western Heritage Wrangler Award, Best Photography Book 2009 Western Photographic Artist Rose Award, 1st Place
American Farmer is a richly layered mosaic of brilliant visuals and honest text that honors farmers and ranchers across America. The combination is breathtaking.” – ForeWord Magazine.
EVERYDAY HEROES: October 2012 | $45.00 | 978-1-59962-112-82013 IPPY Gold, Outstanding Book of the Year Award for Book Most Likely to Save the Planet 2013 Nautilus Grand Award, General Adult 2012 Foreword Book of the Year Awards, Finalist – Social Sciences.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Paul Mobley is an award-winning photographer recognized worldwide for his compelling portraits of celebrities and extraordinary Americans. His 2008 book, American Farmer: The Heart of Our Country (Welcome), garnered an impressive collection of awards, including the Independent Book Award for Outstanding Book (IPPY). Allison Milionis is a writer, editor, and the author of Horse Sanctuary (Universe). Her stories, essays, and interviews have appeared in national and international publications, in books, on radio, and online. Norman Lear, age 94, began his television writing career in 1950. He is best known for producing the Emmy Award–winning All in the Family, as well as Sanford and Son and The Jefferson’s.

Credit: © If I Live to Be 100, Welcome Books, 2016. All photographs © Paul Mobley, no images may be used, in print or electronically, without written consent from the publisher. Paul Mobley is available for interviews. Serial rights are available, please contact Jessica Napp @ 212 387 3436 or jnapp@rizzoliusa.com to secure. 


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