Editor’s Picks for September

Editor’s Picks for September

Dove Dry Deodorant Spray

Image Courtesy of www.beautezine.com
Image Courtesy of www.beautezine.com

I love this deodorant and I make sure I never run out! It goes on clear, dries instantly and doesn’t leave a residue.  It also comes in an assortment that includes one for sensitive skin. This product has been on just about every ones beauty list this year, so run, don’t walk to your nearest store.


L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Cell Renewal Serum

Image Courtesy of www.priceline.com,au
Image Courtesy of www.priceline.com.au


This light weight golden serum earns a place in our Haute Is Beauty Cabinet.  My skin was looking fatigued and tired. I used this for seven days morning and evening. My skin was visible brighter, softer and refreshed. Those 20 years of skin cell biology research L’Oreal did paid off, thank you L’Oreal!


Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream SPF35

Image Courtesy of www.sephora.com
Image Courtesy of www.sephora.com

It goes on like silk and makes my skin feel like satin.  This tinted BB cream does just what it says and gets your skin camera ready with flawless coverage. I wear it under my foundation and sometimes alone.   This is another Haute Is Beauty Cabinet winner.


Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Black Currant Vanilla Body Wash and Foam Bath

Image Courtesy of www.ebay.com
Image Courtesy of www.ebay.com

You will fall in love with this sensual scent just as I did, it is like nothing else. What I can’t get enough of is how squeaky clean my skin is after each shower. It does not leave behind any residue. You inhale the essentials oils as you wash to activate the healing powers of the scents; Orange Ginger gives you energy, Jasmine Vanilla creates a feeling of well being, Lavender Vanilla helps you to sleep and Eucalyptus Spearmint relaxes you. The Black Chamomile, a seasonal scent, detoxify’s your skin and the Black Currant Vanilla makes you feel sensual as well as sexy, and who doesn’t want that?


e.l.f Studio Kabuki Face Brush

Image Courtesy of www.lherb.com
Image Courtesy of www.lherb.com

The magic of this brush is it can be used with wet or dry products and the synthetic hairs are antibacterial.  It gives me light coverage for day and a fuller coverage for evenings.  It is a compact brush that is the precise size to apply face powder, bronze, highlighter or mineral makeup. It gives me more control for application and is a perfect fit for my makeup bag.



Nugg Face Mask – Hydrating


My skin is oily and I had to face the hard truth, believe is or not, even oily skin needs to be hydrated. I use this hydrating mask once per week, 2-3 times in the winter, to keep my skin from looking fatigued.  The one serving you leave on for 5-10 minutes.  I know it is a lot of product, but just slather it on your face, neck and chest.  With ingredients like camellia seed oil, aloe and glycerin, your skin will be smooth and you will notice a difference after the first use.

Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length-Volume Mascara by Estee Lauder

Image by bonnie-garner.com
Image by bonnie-garner.com

This is my absolute favorite brush; mascara is mascara, but no two brushes are the same.  I love this one because my eyelashes are very fine.  This brush catches them the first time, even the bottom ones, so I am not layering forever.  The brush is full, thick and makes every stroke count.


Yes to Grapefruit Pore Perfecting Toning Mist

Image by www.yestocarrots.com
Image by www.yestocarrots.com


It is like getting a burst of sunshine when you mist this on your face.  The light grapefruit smell is energizing and the vitamin C is a welcomed antioxidant.  It left my skin feeling refreshed and hydrated every time I sprayed.  It can be applied over your make up too.



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