Hair Styles For Curly Hair

Curly-haired chickas have it hard. Constantly dealing with dryness, trying to combat heat damage, finding products that actually work, and worrying about the weather like a maniac – are just some of the constant stresses that come with our locks. I know by having curly hair myself, that the struggles are very real and present and can sometimes make you wish you didn’t have to deal with it.

Here are some of mine: looking at the hair sections of top magazines trying to find styles that would work for my thick hair, being fearful of going to salons because the stylist may not know what to do with my hair and end up damaging it instead, trying to find the right balance between volume and not looking like a poodle, and of course the frizz.

I thought that I had to straighten and damage my hair to get it to be more manageable but long gone are the days of pony tails and simple buns. There has been awesome wave of getting girls to accept the hair that they have and as a result, there has been more styles to work with. So here are a few of my favorites that I love using when I want to change it up. *Follow me on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all my beauty and fashion posts! @maniii_love*

Side Ponytail

I love this style because it’s simple to do, doesn’t take a lot of time, and looks pretty. This style started off with me having a 2 day twist out that was dampened with cold water. You don’t need to have a twist out for this style to work as long as you have a hydrating gel, a curling crème to define your curls, a brush, and a hair tie.

  1. Wet edges with water and apply gel to edges. Brush upwards.
  2. Apply water as needed throughout the hair and generously apply curling crème throughout hair focusing through the hair and ends.
  3. Maneuver your hair to one side and secure with hair tie. To add more flare, you can add some bangs like I did.


(Images all Courtesy Of: My Instagram @manii_love)

Pulled Back Curly Fro

This style is for when I’m feeling bold and feisty. You definitely need volume for this style to be pulled off so tease, tease, and tease! All you’ll need is a wide tooth comb, hair oil, curling crème, water, and any type of headband.

  1. To start, wet edges and other parts of hair thoroughly.
  2. Apply curling crème gradually throughout hair
  3. Use the comb to pull upwards at the root of your hair. Make sure you pull the end of the hair tautly to have ore volume. The more you tease the larger the hair.
  4. Slip on headband of choice
  5. Seal with a hair oil focusing especially on the ends.


Trendy Twisted bun

This style is a little bit more complicated but it works best for interviews, parties, and times when you have more time on your hands. You will need to water, gel, and a hair tie.

  1. Wet hair thoroughly
  2. Section hair off into 4 sections. Apply generous amount of gel on sections.
  3. You can either make your twists as large as your 4 sections or you can make smaller twists within your section.
  4. After twisting all of your hair, pull you hair back and secure it. If you have a lot of loose ends, you can put bobby pins in for a more polished look.





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