Haute Fit: Starting the New Year off on the Right Foot!

by Damon Mackey- Certified Group Fitness Leader and Consultant

I remember back when I was teaching five fitness classes per week, I would always keep two to three pairs of gym shoes on hand. This would keep me from wearing out one pair, and allowed me to color-coordinate with my fitness attire. I used to go for the most popular brand, thinking that would be the best for me and my activity. I was looking good, but as my feet began to hurt, I thought my choices had not been the best. So, how do you put your best foot forward?

With all the brands out on the market, how do you select the right athletic shoe? Although Adidas, Nike, Air Max, Reebok, New Balance, Asics, Puma, Converse, Fila, K-Swiss, and Li-Ning may be listed as the 10 most popular sports shoe, selecting a pair can still cause your quest for the right shoe to be confusing and endless. The cost can also determine and drive our selection. The pricier the shoe does not mean it’s always the best. If you are pro-American, New Balance claims to be the only athletic shoe made in the USA.

shoe 1

The key to finding the best sports shoe is to select one that will enhance your particular sports activity. Be it walking, running, aerobics, basketball or cycling, some shoes are aimed at sports- specific activity. What if you do a variety of training activities?

Before making a decision, let an experienced salesperson know your sports activity, and hopefully you will be guided to the right shoe. To cover all bases, ask for a cross-trainer athletic shoe. This is the shoe that will cover most fitness activity, while staying durable and supportive. You will find that most athletic shoe companies make their brands in cross-trainers.

shoe 2

Once you make your selection, try on the shoe but most importantly, jump up and down and run around the store like a crazy person. This will give you an idea of how the show will perform. You should look for support, flexibility, shock absorbency, and comfort. Stores such as the Running Fit will actually measure your foot in all dimensions, and will select and design your shoe for that perfect fit.


I know we all want to be cute and fly on the gym floor, but make sure you get into a shoe that’s going to give you life. So get on the good foot and put your best foot forward. Play hard, but safe!

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Small plates, light weights.

Images by: D Mackey; http://www.eastbay.com/arc/default.cfm?article=knowledgebase_running_shoes_fit&cm_re=MizunoRunningShoes-_-Articlefeed-_-runningshoefit; http://treymorgan.net/9-things-running-has-taught-me/



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