Conquering the Sport Coat

by Jonathan Glymph, Fashion Blogger

Men’s Guide to a Third Piece
Whether it’s a day in the office, a night on the town with your companions, or a formal event with a partner; the sport coat or blazer remains a staple piece in any male’s wardrobe. The versatility of the sport coat varies based on the hobbies, interests, and activities of the individual wearing it. For example, a sport coat may be used as a third piece of clothing for any uniform – or for those modern men who may not desire to wear a suit – as well as a third piece to a private event. It honestly depends on how you layer the clothing articles underneath it. Naturally, if I am heading to work I will layer a dress shirt and tie underneath my sport coat, but outside of work I may wear a woven piece, cardigan, or henley underneath it for a more versatile, and relaxed approach. What’s great about going into the winter season is that one can layer their sport coat with scarves and knitwear perfect for the brutal winds, and when the temperature begins to rise again you can wear the same piece with less layering. Personally, I prefer wearing a sport coat versus a jacket in the spring because it’s open so you’re not perspiring as much; and when the sport coat captures the breeze it really gives that majestic effect to the look. Before I started wearing sport coats I always looked for ways to upscale my casual looks, and now I have found the perfect staple piece to do so. Even for Thanksgiving, I know you have the perfect turtleneck sweater you’ve been dying to showcase. Imagine that same sweater with a blazer or sport coat on top of it. You can easily take your look to the next level with that perfect third piece, and if you think of clothing as an investment, a sport coat or blazer would be a great fashion investment.


The modern male image is becoming more trim and slim fit with access to a variety of colors and styles. Whether you consider yourself a modern style hunter or a more conservative shopper, the sport coat will be an excellent addition to your closet. Whether you choose to dress it up with a scarf or down with a tee, throw on a pair of trousers with chelsea boots or oxford loafers and you’re all set to hit the streets. What’s a wardrobe if you don’t have versatile staple pieces?

I chose this photo set from V Magazine’s shoot with male model Armando Cabral because it illustrates the versatile ability of a sport coat.

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