Haute Fit: Let’s Get Personal – Choosing the Right Personal Trainer

Damon Mackey – Certified Group Fitness Leader and Consultant

Choosing the right personal trainer is like choosing a car. It’s an investment that you hope to get a nice return on, which is a healthier YOU! Immediately when you think of a personal trainer, you automatically envision someone with the body of a Greek god or goddess, right? Believe it or not – just like a car, personal trainers come in a variety of packages. Don’t get caught up in the body and packaging, but rather how well they perform. So what are some of the elements to look for in a personal trainer?

  • Do a personality check. One of the most important tips is that the trainer should be someone you feel you will like as a person. When we engage in conversation with people, we can tell by their demeanor, eye contact, and body language whether or not this is a person we can feel comfortable and secure with for a period of time, almost like a friend.
  • The second important factor in choosing a trainer is finding out if the trainer is certified. Because you have a license to drive a vehicle doesn’t make you a better driver, but you have gone through the training and testing procedures to understand the mechanics of driving. Personal trainers have the same standards. Once certified, the trainer at least has the knowledge and understanding of body mechanics and the function of muscle groups that will lead you in the right direction.
  • Do your homework. Jump on the Internet for a list and references for personal trainers in your area. Once you find one, go see how they perform with other clients. Notice if a PT has a variety of clients in all shapes and sizes, and not just those who look like models for Shape magazine. You may go through a few PT’s before selecting the right one for you. The popular trainer may not necessarily be the one to choose. Most fitness facilities offer personal training services, but keep in mind this will require a membership to the facility if you don’t already have one. The workout program should be designed especially for your needs, and not a general workout plan given to all clients. This is a key factor in making sure you reach your fitness goals. A good PT will always demonstrate the exercise performing it alongside you, and then will monitor your movement for correct range of motion, posture, and body alignment.


The cost of a PT of course may vary, but it’s important to choose one that suits your budget. Independent PT’s may cost a little extra since their time may be flexible, and they can usually come to you or another designated location; unlike a PT in a fitness facility where you may be paying a membership fee along with an additional fee for the individualized service. Above all, the PT must inspire you to be a healthier and better you. Make sure he/she walks with you, not in front or behind you. Feel free to contact me if you’re looking for a personal trainer, and I will be more than happy to guide you to one I think will “fit” your needs.

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