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Haute Fit by Damon Mackey, Fitness and Lifestyle Consultant

If it weren’t for Jody Watley’s dance video and a 3-way mirror, I don’t quite know where I would be today. Trust me! Shedding your clothes and viewing yourself in a 3-way mirror can tell you so much about who you really are and not just physically – but mentally and spiritually, as well. So, I freed my mind and thought of at least one activity that I like to do…dance! Jody’s video took me through dance combinations for an hour each day after work. I was in heaven. Within weeks, my body was setting itself on a fitness level I never thought I would reach. Weight reduction soon followed and I became more confident within myself. A new eating style and self-indulged routine emerged that has lasted for last 20 years, only now I’m the fitness guru!

Like the beginning of a new season, comes the beginning of a new lifestyle change for you. Realize that a healthier lifestyle is within your reach. The 3 key factors for any workout system are cardio, healthy eating choices, and resistance training. However, the strongest resources you’ll need on the road to a healthier lifestyle will be your mind, body and spirit.


Let’s Get This Party Started!

The Mind…

The key to maintaining a healthy body, is maintaining a healthy mind. Recent studies by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that exercise plays a critical role, and areas of the brain that are adversely affected by aging, stay in better shape when the person keeps their body physically fit.  The study also confirms that we need to pay more attention to getting adequate physical activity and reversing the alarming rise in obesity that we’ve experienced nationally during the past decade, with Michigan being among the highest.

The Body…

Before starting on your lifestyle change, plan a visit to see your physician for a thorough check-up. This will be a key factor on deciding how to manage your workout plan. What makes your body move? Walking, jogging, Zumba, tennis, boot camp, cardio dance? Decide which type of cardio exercise provides the most motivation for you, and make it one that you truly enjoy. Don’t be afraid to try a few cardio exercises that you haven’t done before, either. Variety is the spice of life.

Decide if you’ll get more out of your workout at home, or at a fitness center in a group fitness atmosphere. There are benefits to both. At home provides a familiar atmosphere; no interruptions and you can set up your own time for your workouts. A fitness center can provide group interaction, hands-on training by a professional, and a wider range of cardio machines and classes. Whichever you choose, commit to a cardio workout 30 minutes daily, and your resistance training at least 3 times per week. Your body will respond at a faster rate and you’ll be closer to your fitness goal. Your heart will love you for a long time.

The Spirit…

Embarking on a new fitness lifestyle can increase your self-confidence and make your spirit soar. A little workout can also release tension that can build after a hard day at work. Months later, when you shed your clothes and look at yourself in that 3-way mirror, you will see a new life and a renewed spirit emerging. Keep these 3 simple guidelines to fitness at hand, and your spirit will always be free. A healthy lifestyle change is conditioning your Mind, Body and Spirit!

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