5 Beauty Myths We Tell Ourselves

THE MYTH: I have darker skin, so I don’t need sunscreen.

People with darker skin tones, including blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Native Americans, naturally produce more of a chemical called melanin, which gives the skin more color. It also helps skin filter damaging ultra violet (UV) rays from the sun, and can block twice as much UV radiation as fair-skinned people.

SPF is a rating for the protection that delays the amount of time it takes for fair-skin to burn. Although darker-skinned people won’t get sunburned as quickly, they still remain vulnerable to sun-induced damage. This can include sun spots, wrinkles—and even cancer.

People of all skin types can burn if they don’t wear sunscreen. Although, burning may not be as obvious on dark skin, it does not mean prolonged times in sunlight is completely harmless. For long days at the beach, BE EXTRA SAFE! Regardless of skin color, use SPF 30 or above to maximize the time it takes for actual sunburn begin. No one should consider themselves immune to sunburns and skin disease!

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THE MYTH: I’m just going to run errands. I don’t need any makeup.

We have the permission to always wear lipstick without feeling the slightest bit guilty.  In fact, lipstick is my personal combatant to a rough day. You can always go “au natural”, but adding a little lipstick or tinted lip balm won’t hurt. The simple addition can change the look of your whole face by intensifying the shape and color of your eyes. It can also immediately warm up the face, and provide moisture and protection for the lips.

THE MYTH: Wearing makeup every day is bad for your skin.

Wearing tons of makeup can be burdensome for the skin on your face. However, the myth that makeup causes break-outs is untrue. The key is to apply just as much effort in removing your makeup, as you do to pile it on. Sleeping in your makeup, or not removing it entirely on a consistent basis, can clog the pores for long periods of time. This actually suffocates the face for longer than normal and causes break-outs to occur. So go ahead! Add a little more bronzer and conceal those dark circles. Just make sure there are no traces of evidence left when bedtime arrives.

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THE MYTH: My physical appearance greatly determines my mood and identity.

Even without a little lipstick during errands, we should still feel beautiful, regardless of how we may look. It is okay to allow yourself a day or two to feel a certain way about your looks, but don’t continue to dwell on it. Most importantly, don’t let it become your identity, or your mood shifter. People notice and gravitate towards confidence more than physical appearance, so work on being comfortable with each version of yourself. If we FEEL beautiful, we ACT beautiful, and people will notice that more than anything else.

THE MYTH: Be sure to age youthfully.

This statement should be put into context, as it is more important to age gracefully, and quite more complex to age youthfully. The obvious example of reversing the aging process consists of a strenuous diet, working out, and plastic surgery. But a more inadvertent way of avoiding the aging machine is embracing terms like, “40 is the new 20.” Personally, I don’t want to reverse in age – well at least not two decades back. Haven’t we learned and conquered too much to go backwards? We must try to resist embracing the idea that 40 is the new 20, because in reality it’s not. It is way more sophisticated to be content with a few wrinkles or gray hair, because aging can be quite beautiful as well.

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