When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Something Beautiful!

It’s officially summertime – time for cookouts, day parties, and cold, tasty drinks to cool us off in the midst of it all. But life’s challenges do not stop just because we’re out indulging the warm weather. Life will still give you lemons. If so, either make tasty,  lemonade for your next summer outing, or incorporate them into your summer beauty routine.

Lemons are known to help improve the appearance and condition of hair, skin, and nails. Due to their natural minerals and antioxidants (calcium, vitamin C, and potassium), they can be used for multiple purposes when it comes to your beauty regime.

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Tip: Keep in mind that lemon juice and sun do not mix. Leaving lemon juice on the skin for extended periods of time, combined with sun exposure can damage the skin. Be sure to complete these routines in the evening, or when minimal sun exposure will occur.

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1. They heal acne and lighten blemishes. The antibacterial properties and citric acid in lemons can make them a natural alternative to treat acne, or lighten blemishes on the skin. Simply slice open a lemon and gently rub it across your face. In addition, you can add a few drops of honey to a lemon half before applying it directly to the troubled area to add more moisture. Let the solution soak into your skin for about five to 10 minutes, then rinse the face with cold water. Open acne scars should be eliminated from this process. In addition you can always use lemon as a homemade cleanser or toner for your face, to help combat oily skin as well. The application can help remove dirt and bacteria, while restoring the oil balance in your skin.

2. They whiten teeth. Overdosed on coffee of sodas to keep yourself alert during the day, and notice stained/discolored teeth? Rely on a quick whitening fix with a mix of baking soda and lemon juice. Combine the two until an even paste is formed. Apply to teeth with a q-tip and let sit for just a few minutes. The acidity in lemons is strong enough to break through the discolored enamel on the teeth. Complete the process by brushing the solution into your teeth in a gentle, circular motion. Be sure not to brush into the gums, as this can increase sensitivity.

3. They strengthen and whiten nails. Save chipped, brittle nails for winter’s freezing temperatures. The summertime is the season to show off a great “mani” and “pedi.” Harden and whiten your nails by soaking in a homemade solution of lemon juice and olive oil. The results will be the same as choosing a nail hardener from your local drug store shelf. This magic solution will also whiten yellowing nails.

4. They soothe chapped lips. Pucker up!! Another way lemons can be used is to exfoliate your lips overnight. Gently rub the fruit onto your lips, then scrub off the next morning. The lemon juice removes dead skin cells so that moisturizer and lipstick goes on smoothly the next day.


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