Dramatic Cat Eye

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A sultry cat eye is personally one of my all-time favorite looks. I prefer wearing it when I feel inclined to accentuate the natural shape of my eyes, or achieve a more dramatic look. The only obstacle about the cat eye is mastering the process in a reasonable amount of time without continuous trial and error. Here are a few tricks that I have used to attain the perfect cat eye look.


First start with a quality, trustworthy product. Quality in product will help you easily accomplish this complicated look. Personally, I’ve experimented with various liners, but my staple seems to be the Jordana Felt Tip Black Liquid Liner. It is a fine point liquid felt tip pen, designed to make application simple. It also helps me achieve precise definition every time. I found that gel and wand liners are a little less easy to control, and a bit more messy for my taste. Nevertheless, find one that works perfectly for you. I’ve also found my product choice does not run or fade, and is extremely affordable for purchase at most local Walgreens.



A pointed cotton swab is also needed to clean up any uneven edges. Try lightly wetting the tip, and twisting it to smoothly create an exact edge that will hinder any smudging or smearing. In addition, a small piece of scotch tape placed just below the lower corner of your eye, diagonally upwards, will create a great template for your “V” shape.



The direction you want to start your liner should be the space between the far corner of your eyelid, and the end of your eyebrow. Of course the concept is not to draw the line all the way to the end of your eyebrow. To appropriately begin the process, you can utilize two different methods. Either tilt your chin upwards and look back down at the mirror with your eyes, or look straightforward in the mirror slanting your temples with your forefinger.

Start at the outside corner of your upper eyelid and draw a small, straight line upwards towards the direction of your eyebrow. Repeat the same process on the other eye as well. Try to make sure the “wings” are symmetrical with one another on each eyelid. Then start at the outside corner of your lower eyelid and draw an upward line, attaching to the upper line. Connect the two points, then fill in the triangle evenly. Once perfected, remove the scotch tape. If needed, use the q-tip to remove any harsh marks clean up the look.

Once you have the angle of your wing, draw on your eyeliner evenly along your eyelid as you normally would. Be sure to match the thickness of your line to the size of your “winged triangle.”

And viola!! You have your perfect symmetical cat eye!!

Check out my own version of  one of my favorite cat eye looks below!!

rae's eye


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