Spring Cleaning

We all eagerly anticipated spring’s late start this month, but look at the bright side of things; we are officially about one month away from summer. When transitioning your wardrobe from more to less in an effort to combat the summer heat, remember to lighten up your beauty routine, as well. When compared, this season’s hair and makeup trends are completely opposite from last year. Less is more, and simple changes to a more refined and clean look will make you stand out.  Here are five beauty DO’s to spring clean your look this season.

brown skin orange lip

Orange is the new black when it comes to this spring/summer’s lip trend. Instead of your usual go-to red lip to make a statement, the orange lip is the new, hottest hue. This color has several variations, and is not limited to just one electric, neon tone. Your personalized, perfect orange shade will be discovered on a trial and error basis, so be sure to find the right intensity that suits your specific skin tone. Simplify your search by starting with coral. It can be worn muted, matte, or even glossy. Use the bold, coral lip to carry your look by toning down on eyes and blush. Whether it’s tangerine, peach, coral, or apricot, indulge in a taste of the tropics with a citrus shade on your lips.

Say goodbye to 30″bundles, multiple wand curls, and blonde ombre tips. Sleek, shoulder-length hair is the new magical length. Medium-length hair still allows flexibility for styling up-do’s, yet it allows for a precise, classic look when left down. Try a collarbone grazing cut that falls a bit longer in the front than in the back. The clean, defined lines are flattering for the face. To add more texture, try using a curling iron to achieve waves or a more defined look. Even though the look is easy to change, the cut allows the shape of the hair to remain defined. Add more personality by coloring the hair one single color, or by adding highlights to accentuate your skin tone. Choose this toned down color option instead of bright ombre tips.

Nix pointy stiletto nails this season. Opt for a short to medium nail length with a natural shape. Instead of designs, rhinestones, and personalized artwork on your nails, try sporting one solid metallic color with a high impact finish. The metallic nail trend has prolonged its debut from fall into summer. Substitute your standard neutral colored nail with a gold or rose gold metallic shade. For darker colors, choose a chrome violet or cobalt blue. A metallic pewter tone is also great for blending with various outfit choices, while still making a statement. When choosing your nail color during your next manicure, use the shimmer of refined pearls, aluminum platelets, and high-impact finish as inspiration.

metallic nails

Exchange your foundation for heat resistant BB Cream (Beauty Balm/Blemish Cream). The heat can be counter-reactive to your normal foundation routine in the summer. Perspiration can eliminate the flawless foundation you’ve created, leaving you with an oily, unfinished look. Lighten up your coverage with BB Cream instead. BB Cream is described as an all-in-one skin product.  It offers moisturizing elements, provides natural coverage and sun protection. It actively blends into your skin to help achieve a natural flawless look in less than one minute. It also contains brightening features to correct blemishes and even out skin tones. Use this light-weight base before applying the rest of your makeup on a warm spring day.

brown skin bb cream

Images courtesy of: www.fitnessmagazine.com, www.pinterest.com/explore/black-lips/;  www.xojane.com, www.fragrancenet.com


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