Feeling Left Behind asks London A: Should I stay or should I go?

Dear London A: I have a pretty good life; I have a great career, wonderful friends and very supportive family. Also, for the past two years I have been in a serious, committed relationship. My boyfriend is definitely “the one” and I love him beyond words. He accepted a new position within his company and the position requires him to travel a lot. He is gone a cumulative two weeks every month. As a result of this, I am on my own most of the time. I’m starting to resent him traveling so much. He misses most of the important moments that happen in my life, because he is off living his. Sometimes I travel with him, but only when my work schedule permits; which is not as much as I like. However, most of the time, I am alone and I find myself questioning whether this relationship is worth the sacrifice. Am I wrong for feeling this way? How do I cope with his absence? Sincerely, Feeling Left Behind

Dear Feeling Left Behind: You are not wrong for feeling any type of way about a situation that is directly related to you. Your feelings are valid because they are yours and come from your perspective. But you would be wrong to make your boyfriend feel guilty for having to travel for work. It’s his job, not a vacation. While it seems he is ‘off living his life’ without you, I’m sure if he had a choice he would choose to be home with you. With the advancement of technology these days, you and he have a number of ways to stay connected virtually while he is away – video chatting, to name one. If you are lonely, find a hobby to occupy your time until he returns. I know that is easier said than done, but if you say he is the one then he is definitely worth the sacrifice. Missing him when he is gone is a normal reaction towards someone you love; however making him the source of your social entertainment is unfair to him. Where are those wonderful friends and supportive family members when you start feeling sad about missing your partner in love? Spend time with a few of them. If you find yourself unable to handle his absence, then you need to move on from this relationship and find someone whose career is in a no-fly zone. Smooches!

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