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A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of attending and speaking at my mother’s retirement celebration in Washington, DC. It was a long journey from Texas, where I reside, but it was more than worth it. I got a chance to re-link with cousins and family friends that came in from my hometown of Detroit. I also had the opportunity to briefly reconnect with acquaintances in Washington, DC, as well. It was truly an amazing experience seeing so many people gathered together in one room to honor and acknowledge my mother.

I had prepared a speech in advance, but was nervous to deliver it after so many inspiring words from others during the event. I had spoken in public numerous times before, so my nerves shouldn’t have gotten the best of me, but this wasn’t just any speech. I wanted my mother to truly “feel” this speech, and most of all, I wanted to gain her approval on what I had chosen to say. I took my time and began to speak.  Honestly, I don’t remember much, but I do remember the crowd being quite receptive, even clapping at one point. I spoke about “a mother’s heart being a child’s classroom”. I explained how her sense of love and quality of character continues to be a lesson and teacher for me. I also divulged on how valuable and priceless her lessons were to me. Many of the people that chose to attend the event had experienced the same things from her, and that’s why they were there. Once I was finished and returned to my seat, I recalled my mother mouthing to me how much she loved what I said and how good of a job I did. I took a deep breath and finally enjoyed my dinner. Her approval had made my night.

As another Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, I’ve truly come to realize that monetary gifts are substandard to the priceless love and teachable moments my mother has instilled in me. Her greatest reward is intangible. Witnessing me continuously evolve into a better person, and seeing me be happy and fulfilled, are her greatest paybacks. These intangible measures of success don’t always reveal themselves within perfect timing around Mother’s Day. Therefore, monetary expressions of gratitude are still a must on this day!  This Mother’s Day, focus on contributions that reciprocate the gifts of mind, body, and spirit, which our mothers so generously demonstrate for us.  Here are a few ideas to indulge in:


bubble bath 2

Encourage mom’s  keen insight and reflection by allowing her to spend soothing quality time alone with Lollia Wander Bubble Bath. This luxurious bubble bath includes jasmine, cypress, and water-lily remnants to help promote peace of mind and body. Presented cleverly in wine bottle enthused packaging, key ingredients include avocado oil, olive fruit and vitamin E. The results are a foamy lather that leaves skin soft and covered in a delightful scent long after emerging from the water.

lollia bubble batg


Whether she’s tending to the garden, cooking in the kitchen or clicking on her computer at the office, mom’s hands are always on the go. The Crabtree and Evelyn 60 second Hand Fix is a duo hand therapy system that comes with both a scrub and moisturizer. The scrub releases dead skin cells, while the cream hydrates and seals the hands with moisture. The moisturizer is especially decadent and has a rosemary and lavender scent. A little goes a long way, making reapplication unnecessary.

crabtree image


Capture a special memory or anecdote between you and your mom with a personalized “Remember When” print. Use your words to describe a treasured moment to be displayed and framed on mom’s family room wall. Truly one of the more thoughtful gifs, “Remember When” prints are easy to create and can be purchased on various websites by simply searching the title of this particular memento.

remeber when

Beauty and Body

Chocolate and makeup? What more could a woman want? Satisfy both desires with the Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette by Two Faced. This eye shadow palette literally smells like chocolate candy, and includes 16 various neutral shades in shimmer, matte, and satin textures. Let mom experiment with a brown/gold, or mauve/plum smokey eye. The pigments are soft, not too overpowering, and provide a glowing look when applied. Add a great eyeshadow primer prior to applying to achieve a more dramatic look. This cute, delicious palette is a fun way to get mom to ramp up her day or evening look.

chocolate bar

If the ladies at the Saks makeup counter recognize your mom when she walks in, then the following gift will be perfection for her. Luxury eye cream is mom’s way to truly indulge in feeling and looking young. Chanel and La Mer brands are brands that actually yield positive results, and are great to start with. However, the most luxurious of them all is the La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Eye Serum. The formula illuminates and cools the under-eye area. Results boast firmed and moisturized eyes. The cream can be used as a night cream, or in the morning before applying primer. The formula helps detoxify the skin and eliminates dark patches.


Body and Spirit

Motivate mom and let her know how important her health is to you, by gifting her with the Jawbone UP24. This wearable band fits comfortably around the wrist, tracking all movement, sleep and meals, as well as calories burned throughout the day. It has a wireless feature, and can sync to her phone and other fitness applications as well.  The “Today I Will” feature allows her to set small goals to eventually help build positive habits. Goals can include drinking eight glasses of water a day, remembering to take medicine, or packing in seven hours of sleep. The Jawbone UP24 will help mom’s heath become number one priority for her, and you as well.


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