Faith In Technicolor

Things We See and Hear by Marvin Thompson, Jr.

This past weekend we celebrated Easter, more specifically the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  For the faith-based community, this is an important time for reflection and remembrance, knowing how much love it took for a king to die in shame to save the world.  All for love.

This season brought several faith-based films to theaters nation-wide.  Son of God (2/28), God’s Not Dead (3/21), Noah (3/28), and Heaven Is Real (4/16) (as a disclaimer, let me say that I’ve not yet seen these films, although I plan to in the upcoming weeks).  Early box-office returns show that each of these movies is on target to turn a profit against their respective production budgets.

The success of these films should send a message to Hollywood that there is a viable audience for family-orientated movies, or at the very least, movies that you can take your kids and your parents to, and both will stay awake for the duration.  Face it, sometimes grown-ups need a break from talking planes, trains, cars, pots and pans, etc., and the kids don’t need to see movies about broken relationships, gangster violence and drug use.  Movies about faith and inspiration bring a welcomed balance to the mix.

I think if you appreciate the efforts made by the studios, producers and directors of these films, then you should use the power of social media to let them know; aside from ticket sales, it cues them to what the masses are saying about their product.  While historical accuracy has come into question with some of these works, it’s important to voice your concerns with that as well.  The goal is to continue to improve on the potential.  If this trend is allowed to go on, the message of faith, love and the cross will surpass that of any superhero Hollywood can imagine.  Imagine that.


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