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Aging can begin to show itself in many forms, including changes in weight, skin and even hair.  Looking young is often determined by sustaining smooth, glowing skin that’s free of wrinkles. But hair can age just as much as the skin. Similar to skin, a reduction in oil production can result in dry, thin and less vibrant tresses. While many of these changes are inevitable, there are changes that can help combat “old hair.” Be sure not to “tell your age” with your hair, and incorporate these styling methods into your hair care routine.

Piling on the Protein

Perfect hair means conquering the balance act between protein and moisture levels.  Hair is made up of 70% keratin, which gives it strength and structure. Women with chemically treated hair, including color, need protein based products to strengthen the hair shaft and stop breakage. However, protein is simply just protein. It does not replenish or include the moisture element needed in the hair to maintain non-breakage. Too much can actually counter-react desired results, and contribute to brittle strands.  Don’t overdose on protein.  Instead, indulge in a conditioner or formula with hydrating oil that will replenish and maintain moisture.

Bristle Breakage

Pay attention to your hair tools and how often you use them. Metal brush bristles can break strands and increase the normal shedding process of your hair.  Choose nylon tip brushes instead. The nylon brush massages the scalp and is gentler on your strands.  Depending on the length and structure of your hair, nylon bristles can be soft and flexible for thinner hair, or stiff and firm for thick hair. Also, keep in mind that over-brushing can also contribute to increased breakage. Opt for finger combing throughout the day, instead of continuously brushing.


Sturdy Spray

As the weather warms up, heat and humidity will begin to compromise the hard work we’ve put into styling our Spring/Summer tresses. Dousing your mane with firm-holding spray can make hair dry and thirsty for moisture. If you have to use a holding spray, look for a spray that has low alcohol content and includes moisturizing products. When applying, avoid spraying towards the root of the hair. Mist the hair strands mid-length instead. This will help keep natural oils intact.

Stripping Shampoo

While shampooing the hair can be a relaxing process to rid the scalp of product build up and dandruff, it can also suffocate the hair. Most shampoo includes surfactants.  Surfactants create the lathering function in shampoos and contain drying ingredients such as sulfate and sodium.  These elements can completely strip the hair of natural fatty protective acids. Include co-washing into your cleansing routine. Co-washing is washing the hair and scalp with conditioner instead of shampoo. There are also newly released cleansing products titled “Co-Wash” to make your purchase a bit easier.  Exchange some of your shampooing rituals for a conditioning wash (co-wash) or dry shampoo to sustain your mane’s moisture.


High Heat

Heat can simultaneously be a blessing and a curse when it comes to hair. While it helps achieve that sleek, smooth look we desire, it immediately strips hair of most of its moisture.  Be sure to apply heat protective spray throughout damp hair prior to using a blow dryer or hot iron.  This brief application creates a thin protective film, helping the hair cuticle to remain smooth and prevents heat damage. Once the hair is blow dried, straightening the hair with a flat iron should be easy.  Instead of going over the hair repeatedly with your favorite ceramic flatiron, opt for the one-pass method using the comb chase method.  The comb chase method involves taking a fine tooth comb and running it down a section of hair while allowing the flat iron to follow or “chase” the comb. This is a great way to flat iron thick hair because it allows the entire section of hair to be completely straightened with just one pass.


Images courtesy of: www.semidiluna.com; www.yourbeauty411.com; www.kandeej.com; www.mercedesjenae.tumblr.com


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