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Getting ready for a night out has become somewhat of a pre-gaming ritual.  Picking the right outfit, perfectly styling tresses, and applying the right kind of makeup can require a lot of time and effort.  In fact, it requires so much effort, it can often times overshadow the actual event you’re preparing for.  A new beauty concept called Makeup Bars, has been introduced to the beauty industry as a quick service beauty regime. Beauty bars helps the time-starved, image conscious woman quickly achieve a finished and flawless look.

Upon first visiting the idea, one may think this is a service that already exists.  Makeup counters currently offer similar services, as well as many salons.  However, beauty departments will only use a single product line exclusive to the makeup counter you’re visiting.  Makeup services at department stores also include a serious sales pitch to ensure you purchase products from the brand they’re promoting.  Hair and beauty salons offer services at a pricier rate than make up bars, and require a bit more time for completion. On the contrary, makeup bars use various high-end makeup lines to achieve one cohesive look.  Your only purchase will be the service you’re provided with.  A flat fee of $25 can provide you with a quick touch up, while $45 will provide you with a more glamorous look. This alternative has become a viable option to women who do not want sacrifice their look, while sacrificing precious time.

But the question remains, why pay for a makeup job when you can apply it yourself?  While most women have an idea of how to apply standard mascara, eyeliner and blush, they may not be aware of the more technical aspects of makeup.  Perhaps you want to achieve a slimmer, more defined face with the application of your makeup.  Highlighting and contouring the face is a more advanced technique that can look disastrous if applied incorrectly.  Achieving the perfect smoky eye for an evening event, or applying a natural looking eyelash for a speaking engagement at the office, may be best left in the hands of a professional.

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Part of the appeal of makeup bars are their design and personalized service.  Most makeup bars are aimed to resemble a sleek, sophisticated studio with modern touches. The studios distinguish themselves further with complimentary champagne, access to dressing rooms, and storage lockers to assist the client in preparing for their occasion. The unique level of service usually begins with a brief consultation to discuss an outlook for an overall look.  The makeup artist will inquire about the type of event, and the color scheme for your clothing. If you’re having trouble choosing a look, several of the bars come ready-made with an array of set signature looks to choose from. Looks range from natural, everyday looks to wedding or prom makeup.  Many makeup bars also offer individual lash application, brow waxing/tinting, tattoo covering and even some house calls.

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Vibrant urban cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Miami are the first to experience the new wave of makeup bars. The trend is quickly moving to other various urban cities such as Detroit, Dallas, and Las Vegas.

Truly, the makeup bar movement is making consistent, beautiful looks an affordable luxury. The trend is certain to conquer your local beauty community in the near future.

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