Urban Fashion the New High Fashion for Men?

When street style and street fashion becomes inaccessible to the streets.

About a month ago, my instagram was flooded with videos and images of a fashion show that seemed innovative to most, but replicated the many complexes of urban lifestyle and urban wear. Hood By Air, by designer Shayne Oliver, has become one of the most largely celebrated and worn lines in the fashion industry. Rap Artist A$AP Rocky took a huge liking to the brand and is widely known for sporting the garments during his performances.


In an interview with Complex Magazine back in 2012, Oliver was noted for taking staple pieces of 90’s streetwear, such as oversized tees and large printed graphic logo tees and transforming them into innovative, trendy pieces with detachable skirts. It’s no mystery that Oliver took this spin on 90’s street style and street wear to new heights as he curated this image of urban fashion and sold it to a high fashion audience.


Interestingly, popular fashion houses have begun to pay attention to the trendy nature of urban fashion and integrating its stylistic and unique elements into their collections, ranging from the usage of plaids and oversized denim, as well as oversized shirts and shorts.  Although these concepts and methods originated within the urban street wear and lifestyle customs, the prices make the products unobtainable to the consumer, whom the clothing is modeled after. Is urban fashion the new high fashion for men… inaccessible to all and excluded from the public, despite its origin?

I highly commend Oliver for being able to capture the essence of 90’s street wear and use it to escalate in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, those who exist in the urban scene often can’t afford the costly apparel, which from my perspective, takes away from the history and background of the clothing, all for the purpose of consumerism. Although I love Hood By Air, and other brands such as Alexander Wang, (both take street wear to the level of high fashion); I must admit I wouldn’t spend $900 or more on a jacket or sweatshirt that will eventually find its way to the back-end of my closet.

Images courtesy of: http://chookstv.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/chookstv84.jpg; http://www.denimjeansobserver.com/mag/designer-denim-jeans-fashion/2014-2015/fw/brands-h01/hood-by-air-2014-2015-fall-autumn-winter-fashion-womens-runway-new-york-fashion-week-denim-jeans-androgyny-zippers-biker-coat-padlock-straps-suede-01x.jpg



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