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The digital age has graced us with several advantages and conveniences, which we are often unable to live without. The immediate access technology provides has also allowed for some unexpected predicaments – one of which is a drastic change in society’s beauty perception. The constant bombardment of beauty images on television and social media, often leads many of us to ask what true beauty REALLY is.

Prior to the computer age, movies and magazines were the only mediums that influenced one’s perception of beauty.  Larger than life, untouched images were carefully created, and stars were idolized as Hollywood royalty from afar.

Fast-forward to the present computer age, and we are inundated by readily accessible images of celebrities, and each other.  Media forums easily manipulate photos to achieve a taller, bustier, or skinnier image. Social media forums such as Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr have helped create an intimate relationship between everyday people and the celebrity, increasing the average person’s exposure to society’s beauty standard. Currently that standard is personally emulated by many throughout social media. Each photo seems to chronicle an individual’s never-ending pursuit of “perfection” with a simple click of thecamera phone.

All of these factors has set the beauty bar for women unrealistically high, so how can women learn to appreciate true beauty while being saturated with multiple images that do not represent them, or their true self? 

Realize What is Real:

First we must realize that what we see in the media, and on social media, is not reality. Appearances are often purposefully altered to portray an unattainable image. Be aware that the magic of technology, can often be misleading to the eyes. 

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Know that beauty is never one dimensional. It does not lie in physical features alone. True beauty never fades, but physical features always will. Real beauty lies in mental strength, personality, confidence, and compassion.


Fall in love with your flaws.  Flaws are God given character identifiers. It’s what makes us unique and distinctive and set’s our “look” apart from everyone else. Embrace the freckles on your face, or the small scar you’ve had since childhood. Make it work for you and display confidence regardless.


No matter how much makeup we apply, how straight our hair is, or how small our frame is – a spiritually empty woman will fail to make herself impressive. What dwells on the inside, will always show itself outwardly. Pursue actions that fulfill your inner-self, whether its community service, keeping a journal, or painting. Disconnect from the whirlwind of your electronic gadgets, and spend quiet time listening to your conscious and seeking guidance.

If it’s broken, fix it:

Face it; we’re all human. No one is perfect no matter how hard we try, and we’ve all been broken at some point.  The real beauty in life is the ability to collect all of your shattered pieces, intricately weave them back together, and make yourself whole again.

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