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This year’s “polar vortex” has dumped several feet of snow on our cars, homes, and our plans.  But the winter season is still full of fabulous events to attend, all while remaining stylish and stunning.  One way to add glamor to your look is by adding curl and volume to your hair, using the “wanding” process.

This method has become quite popular over the last couple of seasons, but a flawless look can be tricky to achieve. The curling wand is a heating hair tool shaped like a cone. Unlike the traditional curling iron, it does not have the clamp feature by the handle. The curling wand creates a bouncy, perfect curl that can instantly add versatility to your look and eliminate any potential creases in your curls.  To obtain the perfect curl, using the right-sized wand is crucial. Here is some guidance on how to achieve an impeccable curl.

Curl Type

Barrel Size

Final Look

Gentle, Relaxed Waves

2 inches

Adds slight bend and body to the hair; Long hair.

Large, Loose Waves

1.75 inches

Adds shape and slight definition; Achieves the “tousled” look when combed through; Long hair

Large, Bouncy Curls

1.5 inches

Large bouncy curls; Comb through for added volume; Medium to long hair

Medium, Loose Curls

1.25 inches

The “everyday curl”; Comb through for added texture; Medium to long hair

Full Curls, Defined Waves

1 inches

Full curls with body; Retro waves when fingered combed; Short to medium hair

Textured Curls and Waves

¾ inches

Structured spirals; Great for updos and vintage looks; Short to medium hair

Smooth, Tight Curls

5/8 inches

Achieves ultimate curly hair look; Defined, structured spirals; Short to medium hair

Tight, Kinky Spiral Curls

3/8 inches

Achieves tight, small spirals; Finger comb for kinky texture; Short to medium hair

  loose wand curlsshort-curly-hair-for-black-women

Large loose waves with 1.75″ barrel; Textured waves with 3/4″ barrel

Once you have chosen the right barrel size, incorporate these styling steps to achieve a head full of perfect curls:

  • Coat hair with heat protective spray
  • Evenly section hair using clips to begin wanding process
  • Hold curling wand facing downward; wrap even section of hair along the wand going in the direction away from you (use heat protective glove for extra protection)
  • Hold for 10-15 seconds
  • Gently slide wand out of hair and hold curl in hand for 5 seconds, then release
  • Repeat process on the rest of the hair
  • Leave curls and let them fall; finger separate curls for more volume; gently comb or brush for extreme volume and texture

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