Refined Beauty: Solving the Beauty Alphabet Trend

Refined Beauty by Raegan

Many of us have been inundated with the continuous wave of advertisements for BB cream while trying to catch our favorite show on television.  I’ll be honest, I’ve kind of become immune to these commercials.  I had a general understanding of what it’s supposed to accomplish, but in my eyes there’s nothing that can replace the magic of foundation — so I remained uninterested. During my daily morning routine, which usually consists of the TV blasting in the background, the phrase “new enhanced CC cream” caught my attention.  I asked myself if all of these different versions were really necessary, and decided to do a bit of research. While my results yielded that CC cream wasn’t necessarily a new product, I discovered that DD cream actually was. It was time to get to the bottom of it all, and unveil the alphabet trend in beauty. How much different could each one really be? And most importantly, do they work?

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BB creams (the BB stands for blemish balms/beauty balms) were first introduced to the beauty world by a dermatologist in the 1950’s. The formula was initially created to coat, protect and soothe the skin after semi-invasive skin procedures.  The cream included antioxidants, vitamin C, and green tea extract to speed up the healing process. Several decades later, BB creams caught on in Asia where several celebrities and beauty guru’s swore by its “miracle powers” to make the skin appear flawless. It quickly became recognized and used in the U.S. shortly thereafter.

BB Creams

Initially BB creams were positioned to be an all- in-one fix without the heaviness of foundation. It is a light everyday moisturizer, with a hint of color added, to smooth out the complexion.  It includes primer, sun block, and vitamins to aid in the defense of anti-aging and skin brightening, all while providing coverage.

CC Creams

CC creams stands for “color correction” and includes elements to tackle specific skin problems.  The creams target skin issues such as redness, dark spots, and sun spots. The coverage, while still light, is a bit heavier than BB creams. It still has the benefit of a light moisturizer, but it gives more coverage and has more corrective qualities.

DD Creams

Daily Defense or Dynamic Do-All is the corresponding phrase for DD creams. It has a broader spectrum for SPF protection, decreases the appearance of pores and fine lines, and also reduces redness and blemishes.


Each category seems to overlap, so the lines are a bit blurred when referring to the duties of the creams. The positive side of it all is that they are all great products that are beneficial for the skin.  The down side is that it may take a lot of trial and error to find the best responsive cream and color for you. Some brands are known for specific problem focused coverage, which may be an easier starting point to work with. See corresponding brands and resolutions below:

Estee Lauder and Garnier – Skin softening/Dewy appearance
Clinique and Dior – Coverage
Bobbi Brown – Fine lines/Wrinkle reducing
Olay and Dior – Skin brightening and vibrancy

If discoloration and coverage are your primary concerns, start with CC creams. If protecting and enhancing skin, while reducing fine lines are your concern, start with DD creams that contain firming ingredients or retinol.  For oil control and lightweight coverage, try BB creams.

With recent news that there is a GG cream on the horizon, hopefully this information will help you find your perfect match before the beauty industry exhausts the entire alphabet.

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