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A couple of weeks ago, we explored the importance of keeping skin healthy to provide a flawless base for adding makeup. In my constant search to improve a natural look with long lasting makeup, I decided to experiment with airbrush foundation. I wanted to achieve the natural, even skin tone that airbrush foundation offers, without the machinery and preparation that accompanies it. I decided to try a quick fix in Sephora’s Perfection Mist Airbrush Foundation. It is spray-on foundation in a container that yields airbrushed results. How much easier could this get?!


Sephora’s Perfection Mist comes in a 2.5 oz. container, and sprays an extra fine mist of foundation over the face. The Sephora site states their airbrush foundation covers all skin imperfections, provides seamless results, and controls shine for up to 10 hours. The spray is also oil-free, and formulated without parabens and sulfates.

Upon finding the foundation at my local Sephora, I noticed there were only five shades to choose from; fair, light, medium, tan, and deep. Although the shades seemed to be compatible and true to color, the lack of variety was a bit disappointing. Nevertheless, the deep color seemed to be most suitable for me.

Initially, I sprayed the foundation right out of the container without shaking, which did not yield the true color or coverage results I desired. I then reapplied after shaking the bottle for about five seconds. After spraying a section of my cheek, I realized how much the color traveled. This was going to be a job that required a bit of protection! I covered my hair and draped a towel around my neck and chest before proceeding. With my eyes closed, I began spraying my face in long, circular motions from left to right. The foundation felt cool and soothing on the skin. When I opened my eyes the first thing I noticed was that there was a wet mist of solid color all over my face. I also noticed that it was bit darker than I had expected, and had red undertone. I used my foundation brush and began working it into my skin in circular motions. It began to blend into my skin a bit more. I easily added my concealer, and adjusted the color to my skin tone by setting the foundation with my loose powder. The additional products and powders that I used seemed to adhere well to the base.

Throughout the day, the foundation yielded a matte finish with medium coverage.  I was skeptical about the claim of “10 hours shine-free”; however, it surprisingly provided excellent coverage. I remained shine-free throughout most of my 11 hour day, and noticed that I didn’t have to blot my face throughout the day as much as I did with other foundations. Although the coverage felt light on my face, it was definitely heavily pigmented, and transferred easily. However, the desired intensity of coverage can be controlled with the amount of pressure applied to the pump when applying. I opted for maximum coverage by holding the bottle 6-8 inches away from my face, then spraying. For lighter coverage, spray the foundation directly on a brush and then apply. A little of this product can go a long way.

Overall, this foundation provides sheer to medium coverage that is easy to build upon.  It is definitely something I would consider purchasing again. It is long wearing and provides a shine-free matte finish. Before making your own purchase decision, review my list of pro’s and con’s for the product below.

pros-cons 2Pros

  • Lightweight feel/satin coverage
  • Affordable $26.00 purchase
  • Matte finish
  • Ability to control coverage
  • Easy to blend with other products
  • Controls shine


  • Messy to apply
  • Uses quickly/short product life
  • Highly pigmented/easy transfer
  • Limited shades to choose from

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