Refined Beauty: Five Secrets to A Flawless Beauty Foundation

Refined Beauty by Raegan Williams

We are all familiar with the phrase “the key to success is a good foundation.” Try substituting the word “success” with “longevity,” or “strength.”  It still requires a solid foundation.

We can also easily apply this concept to beauty, and incorporate it into our everyday look. The key to consistently achieving a flawless appearance is to maintain a good, solid foundation of healthy skin. Here are five, quick achievable ways to solidify your foundation with beautiful skin – underneath it all.

1) Read the ingredients on the back of your makeup, the same way you read the labels on your food.

There may be several ingredients in foundations and blushes that can cause skin imperfections and spells of acne. Heavy oils such as lanolin, mineral oil, and petroleum are common in makeup. They can clog pores and lead to an accumulation of bacteria on your skin.  Isopropyl Myristate is also a common ingredient in makeup that works to counteract the greasy appearance of makeup, and make coverage appear sheer.  However, it can also cause mild allergic reactions that may aggravate existing skin conditions.  There are several product lines, such as bareMinerals and Physician’s Formula, that produce lanolin and paraben-free makeup.

2) Do your “makeup” laundry once a week.

Be sure to wash your makeup brushes, beauty blenders, and other makeup applicators once a week in a makeup cleanser, or easy to grab shampoo. Unwashed brushes can contain germs and dead skin cells that are reapplied to the skin during each application. Makeup sponges should only be used once, then discarded.

Wash and switch out your pillowcases frequently.  One night of falling asleep in your makeup can seal germs and dirt into your pillowcase. Perspiration at night can also contribute to unwanted microorganisms on your bed linens.  Even with an impeccable nighttime face regime, hair oils can easily transfer to your pillowcase and directly onto your face.  It is recommended to switch out your pillowcase one to two times per week to prevent germs from negatively impacting your skin.

3) Achieve the perfect balance.

We can all relate to our t-zone trials, fervently using blot papers and pressed powders to control the recurring shine on our face. Combating oily skin by using harsh toners or cleansers can cause the skin to over compensate in oil production. The excess oil can clog pores and lead to skin flaws.

When engaging in overly-harsh cleansing routines, you will find it harder to control the oil level in your skin. Avoid using toners with high alcohol content. Instead, use a hydrating toner and follow it up with an oil-free, nourishing moisturizer to condition and restore the balance in your skin.

4) Yes, you are what you eat.

Sounds like a cliché, but this is one of the most accurate statements, especially for maintaining overall beauty. Frequently eating foods such as refined sugar, white bread, pastas, and fried foods can increase high blood sugar levels, and have a negative effect on intestinal health. Poor nutrition is known to have a direct correlation to negative skin reactions. Instead, try incorporating foods with high levels of vitamin A, essential fatty acids, and fiber to guarantee healthy-looking skin.

5) And don’t forget — LOTS of water, everyday, all day!

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Raegan Williams is the Beauty Editor for Haute is Magazine.


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