Things We Hear & See: S.D.S. (Snow Day Sounds)


What We Hear & See by Marvin Thompson, Jr.

Ok, let’s be real.  Over the last month, those of us living in Michigan have seen enough snow and felt enough chills to last us for the next 10 winters.  School kids are giddy over the one-day on, two days off schedule that the snow and temperatures have created, and those of us commuting to work have sung “The Pothole Blues” in every key on the scale.

During our recent storm, I started rummaging through some old CD crates and came across some really good music that I had forgotten about.  I quickly uploaded them to iTunes for preservation (some of those CD’s were pretty badly scratched). So if you’re stuck in the house, or in your car on a long commute during this wintery white-out, here are a few artists/titles that I’ve compiled to help take your mind off the weather.

“Natural Wonder (Live)”  by Stevie Wonder

Recorded Live in Japan, featuring the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra.

This double-CD was released in 1995, and I was slightly upset that I hadn’t heard of it until about 5 years later.  Talk about amazing; if you like Stevie you’ll love this project.  Hearing a live orchestra on songs like “Pastime Paradise” and “Village Ghetto Land” will leave you speechless.  The set features two previously unreleased songs:  “Ms. & Mr. Little Ones” and “Dancing To The Rhythm”.   To listen/buy:

“Acoustic Soul” by India.Arie

This is the first CD by soul artist India.Arie.  I was a fan from day one.  Highlights include, “Promises” and “Strength, Courage and Wisdom”.  To listen/buy:

“Give Us Peace” by Edwin Hawkins Music & Arts Seminar Mass Choir

I used to listen to this on cassette in high school (yes, cassette).  Released in 1987, the songs and arrangements on this project are very contemporary and years ahead of its time.  Featuring members of the Hawkins family, who are considered gospel music royalty, and other contemporary gospel legends, including Yolanda Adams and the late Thomas Whitfield. To Listen: 

Relax, listen, and remember –  the season will be changing soon.  It’s Michigan, after all.


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